VideoWhisper Live Streaming
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This application requires Flash browser plugin. Only video playback may be available without Flash (if transcoding is setup on this server).

When the application starts, flash will ask you if you want to start streaming your camera and microphone. Allow flash to send your stream and select the right video and audio devices you want to use.

There are 2 ways to select hardware devices/drivers you'll use for broadcasting:
A. Click inside webcam preview panel and a settings panel will extend it. Click camera or microphone to select.
B. Right click Flash > Settings... and browse to the webcam/microphone minitabs.

To see how others see what you're broadcasting:
1. Click the Channel Link box (the link will be automatically copied)
2. Paste the link in the address bar of a new browser window or tab

When broadcasting consider your video subscribers' average connection speed.
If you observe big latency and interruptions, decrease streaming bandwidth (click webcam preview panel, drag slider and apply). If streams is fluent you can try increasing bandwidth (and quality).

For easy testing here's channel page of last user online:
No snapshot found.
Total usage limit: 120 minutes each 7 days
Channel time limit (total broadcaster and viewers time) enabled: 1
User view limit (on all channels) enabled: 1
Channel cleanup:

Cleaning up old files in uploads ...
Finished cleaning up 0 items.

Cleaning up old files in snapshots ...
Finished cleaning up 0 items.